August 5, 2018
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The Summary

One of the main challenges that the account faced was increasing conversions while lowering the cost per conversion. In order to do this, we needed to focus on creating more targeted ad campaigns that would speak directly to our target audience. We also needed to optimize our landing pages and website design to ensure that visitors were taking the desired action. 


Additionally, we utilized A/B testing to find the best-performing versions of our ads and landing pages. By making these changes, we were able to increase conversions by 68.49% while also lowering the cost per conversion by 75%. As a result, we were able to achieve our goal of increasing ROI for the account.

The Problem

Earlier this year, our company was having problems with clients spending more money with fewer conversions and optimizing their campaigns. We had a lot of complaints from clients about how their ads were not effective. 


We decided to change our approach to Facebook advertising to fix this problem. Instead of just optimizing for conversions, we also started to focus on engagement. We believe that by increasing engagement, we will eventually increase conversions. So far, our new approach seems to be working, and we are seeing better results from our campaigns.

Reasons For The Problem

As online marketers, we are constantly tweaking our campaigns for our clients to achieve the best possible performance. Recently, we observed a decline in performance across a number of our client’s campaigns. After some investigation, we believe that there are three primary factors contributing to this decline. 


First, they have not been including the relevant keywords in all match types. Second, the forms on their current website are not optimally placed or designed. And third, they have not been allocating our budget as effectively as they could. By rectifying these three issues, we are confident that we can return our client to achieving the high levels of performance that our clients expect from us.

The Approach

To solve these problems, we increased the budget, added ad extensions, and implemented call tracking. As a result, the account began to perform better with more conversions and a lower cost per conversion.


We also used conversion tracking in Adwords to track contact form submissions and a Google forwarding number for calls. We then monitored users that visited the website using Google Analytics, which showed us how many people reached certain pages on our site and what they did there!

The Solution

Once we took over the campaigns, we started by allocating landing pages. We then tested a few ads with different headlines and descriptions to see which ones performed better. The new ads performed much better than the old ads, which helped us increase our click-through rate (CTR) and decrease our cost per conversion. 


We also applied a few more strategies to the campaigns, such as optimizing our keywords and bidding on more relevant keywords. As a result of our efforts, we were able to improve the performance of the campaigns and increase the ROI for our clients.

Adding More Broad Keywords

Our client’s old content strategy wasn’t working very well. The keywords they were targeting were too specific, and as a result, they weren’t getting a lot of traffic. They were also paying a lot for each conversion because their ad budget was going mostly to clicks with little intention to purchase. We suggested that they broaden their keyword focus in order to increase traffic and lower their cost per conversion. 


The client agreed, and we implemented the new strategy. Within a few months, the client saw more traffic and conversions at a lower cost. The new content strategy proved to be successful. Keywords are an important part of any content strategy, and we’re proud to have helped our client increase their traffic and lower their costs with our expert advice.

Targeted Location Bids

We increased the bid for the targeted location as part of the strategy to increase conversions and lower the cost per conversion. The idea was to target potential customers who were searching for similar products or services in the same geographic area. By increasing the bid, we were able to improve our client’s position in the search results and make it more likely that potential customers would see their ad. 


Although the cost per conversion did increase, the overall number of conversions also increased, which more than offset the higher cost. As a result, we were able to achieve our client’s goal of lowering their cost per conversion while also increasing the overall number of conversions.

Allocation of Budget

As part of our strategy to increase conversions and lower cost per conversion, we allocated the budget to the best-performing campaign. This campaign was highly effective in terms of both reach and engagement, and we believe that by investing more resources in it, we will be able to achieve even better results. 


In addition to allocating additional budget to the best campaign, we are also taking steps to ensure that all of our other campaigns are as effective as possible. By doing so, we are confident that we can continue to drive conversions while also lowering our overall cost per conversion. 

Built a New Landing Page

We recently built a new landing page for our client with a PPC perspective in mind. Our goal was to increase conversions and lower their cost per conversion. To do this, we focused on creating a page that was highly relevant to the client’s target keywords, had a strong call to action, and was easy to navigate. 


We also included several testimonials and forms that helped to increase the likelihood of conversion. Overall, the client was very happy with the results of the new landing page and believes that it will help them reach our goals.

The Results

We are excited to share the results of our latest marketing campaign. Over a period of time, we noticed an increase in conversions with a decrease in cost per conversion. This is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. 


We believe that this campaign will be successful in achieving our goal of increasing sales and market share. Thanks to the hard work of our team, we are confident that we can continue to deliver positive results for our clients. Thanks for your continued support!

bus rental ppc result

The Bottom Line

Overall, our content strategy was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals of increasing traffic and lowering cost per conversion. By focusing on keywords that were more relevant to our target audience, we were able to reach a wider range of potential customers and attract more conversions. 


Additionally, by optimizing our landing page and allocating the budget to the best-performing campaigns, we achieved even better results. We are confident that our efforts will continue to bring success to our clients in the future.​

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