October 15, 2018
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The Summary

The main challenge of the account was to increase conversions and lower the cost per conversion. The strategy devised to achieve these objectives was based on the following principles: building a strong brand presence, creating relevant and targeted ad campaigns, driving traffic to landing pages optimized for conversions, and continuously testing and improving the account. 

Through our work, we increased conversions by 1000% and lowered the cost per conversion by 1123.71%. These results were achieved through a combination of creative thinking, hard work, and a commitment to always test and learn.

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The Problem

The client had a low-performing ad account with very few conversions and a high cost per conversion. The main challenge was to increase conversions and lower the cost per conversion. We observed that the reasons for the low performance included an inadequate budget, no ad extension, and no call tracking. 

The Approach

We increased the budget, added ad extensions, and implemented call tracking to solve these problems. As a result, the account began to perform better with more conversions and a lower cost per conversion.

We also used conversion tracking in Adwords to track contact form submissions and a Google forwarding number for calls. We then monitored users that visited the website using Google Analytics, which showed us how many people reached certain pages on our site and what they did there!

The Solution

Adding Remarketing Banners

Remarketing is a powerful tool that can help improve conversion rates. By showing advertisements to people who have already visited our client’s website, we were able to keep their brand top of mind and encourage visitors to come back and make a purchase. 

Our solution included adding remarketing banners to their website to better reach people who have already shown an interest in what they’re selling, and increase the likelihood that visitors will make a purchase. 

In addition, our solution included adding a call-to-action to their remarketing banners. This will encourage people to take action, and increase the chances that they’ll convert into paying customers.

Bid and Optimization

In order to increase conversion rates for our client’s site, we incorpirated bidding and optimization to their current marketing strategy. By adding these elements, we are able to more effectively target potential customers more with ads that are relevant to their interests. 

In addition, we are able to track the performance of our campaigns and make necessary adjustments in order to improve results. As a result, our client’s conversion rates have increased significantly.

Added Irrelevant Keywords as Negatives

We’re constantly striving to improve our client’s conversion rates, and our latest solution involves adding irrelevant keywords as negatives. By doing this, we’re able to improve the quality of traffic to the site and increase the chances that visitors will take the desired action. 

In addition, we’re able to drive down the cost per conversion, making our clients’ campaigns more efficient and effective. We’re seeing great results so far, and we’re confident that this approach will continue to produce positive results for our clients.

Allocation of Budget to Search and Remarketing

Increasing conversion rates is vital for any business with an online presence. While there are myriad ways to go about this, we implemented two solutions: allocating part of the budget to search and part to remarketing. 

Paid search will allow the client to feature prominently in relevant results pages while remarketing allows them to target individuals who have already shown interest in their product or service. By pursuing both of these strategies, we can cast a wide net and ensure that the target audience sees their brand again and again.

The Results

By creating an ad set that performed well, we were able to drive a high click-through rate which meant our cost per mille (CPM) was low. This made it possible for us to showcase this offer and keep in contact with potential customers by re-engaging them through Google’s Display Network ads during their browsing sessions.


Because we implemented this solution, our client has seen a significant increase in conversion rates and an overall improvement in their ROI. We will continue to use these strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

The Bottom Line

The results of implementing our solutions were extremely positive for our client. Not only did they see a significant increase in conversions, but they also saw a marked improvement in their return on investment. As a result, we will continue to employ these strategies and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Overall, implementing our solutions was extremely positive for our client. By adding remarketing banners and optimizing bidding and optimization, we were able to successfully drive traffic to their website and improve their conversion rates. As a result, our client’s business is thriving, and we will continue to work hard to help them achieve their goals.​

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