October 12, 2020
Local Plastic Manufacturer

01. The Challenge & Solution

Just like any other search engine, any person or company trying to circumvent google policy on white hat SEO practices, refuse to “play by the rules’ and try some shortcuts in order to appear at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) will definitely be penalized. Frankly, you don’t need black hat SEO tactics for your site to rank. Remember, you don’t want to appear on the first page for a day and vanish forever. Instead, you want to build your domain authority, climb up the ladder, and stay there for years to come. This is only possible if you employ the right techniques to boost your website’s presence. And this is where I come in.

As a special mention: If you want your site to rank better and enjoy the benefits of your highest ROI opportunities for improved SEO rankings, you definitely need professionals like us who understand how to come up and develop;

  • Better site structure,
  • Better and high-ranking keywords
  • Millions of keywords that are easy to track
  • Quality Content (Fully optimized for SEO)
  • Better Strategy
  • Professionally crafted solutions that solve the most challenging and demanding tasks for you, and many more;

Business—small and big—want to rip the benefit of an online presence. Sadly, more often than not, they use questionable techniques that are guaranteed to backfire. Gone are days where a shrewd SEO expert would spend some time spamming content and stuffing keywords to achieve the highest possible listing on google and other search engines. Google crawlers will (and this is guaranteed, you will be caught) flag your site for violating the “Webmaster guidelines,” and you will spend time in the Google penalty box.

Luckily, I have the experience and skills to help you make a comeback and get ranked #1 again. It’s not a walk in the park, but we have done it many times before, and we can now do it better. You don’t have to take my word for it; keep reading to learn how we helped a certain manufacturer in Malaysia recover from the Google penalty and became visible again.

A while back in Oct 2019, a Malaysian-based company specializing in plastics manufacturing found itself in the Google penalty box and approached me for help. The company had previously outsourced two different SEO companies, but their online investment never generated any leads.

After analyzing the site and carrying out a high-level site audit, I realized that the previous SEO firms were practicing black hat SEO. I also noticed that they were using automatic spinning tools to regenerate articles with tens of “thin” and low-qualitIy content. These articles were then stuffed with low-quality links from free blog pages using “exact match” anchor text that pointed back to the client’s site. This is a black hat tactic that was practiced decades ago to increase traffic. Initially, the client witnessed an upward trajectory of traffic but with zero clicks or conversion. Why? Because there was no target audience.


This is the growth chart of the client's international traffic which is moving up fast.

02. Working Process

After experiencing massive pogo-sticking and a high bounce rate, Google decided to penalize the website in July. Though the traffic came to a halt, the client did not actually suffer any loss of revenue. This is due to the fact that the initial traffic was rubbish from an untargeted audience with a zero conversion rate.

As for me, I am happy to help the client. I started the recovery process by contacting google to disavow any spammed links that pointed back to our client’s site. My next step focused on creating quality and well-optimized content with ideal keyword density, internal links, and quality external links. My backlink outreach strategy was very successful with quality links from sites with a DA score of +30.

That was not the end; my talented team worked at a lighting speed to optimize the website’s internal structure all the way to reworking the schema markups. Title tags, attribute, and featured images, head tags, and meta descriptions. To avoid “Google dance” due to confusion with multiple site languages, we decided to split the site into different sub-domains, each for different languages and optimized them accordingly. To further help the site rank better, we claimed the “Google My Business (GMB)” asset and linked it to the local sub-domain.

Just a couple of months after accepting to help our client, the website was removed from Google ban, it ranked higher in the SERP, and the organic traffic has never stopped growing.

03. Wrapping Up

Google crawling and page ranking algorithms keep changing, and the archaic unorthodox practices will only hurt your online visibility. Developing snippets and low-quality articles with no valuable information but overstuffed keywords do not work in modern-day SEO. The same applies to spammy back-linking. Low-quality outbound links will only give you traffic from random online visitors, but no one will convert.

For your site to rank higher and have traffic that will convert into qualified leads, it has to be user-friendly. The content should provide satisfying answers to a target audience; outboard links must be good enough to make Google and other search engines believe your website is good as well. This can be made possible if you choose to work with the best SEO specialist that is experienced and knowledgeable as to what SEO practices are all about.