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Use the strategy that 96% of marketers support to increase your business’s brand awareness, leads, credibility, and sales

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on distributing and creating content that may be valuable, entertaining, or educational for your target audience. This content is used to attract potential customers and increase your credibility and trustworthiness to existing customers.

Content marketing usually involves creating material that doesn’t directly advertise your business or services. Instead, it focuses on topics related to your industry that your target audience may find useful or interesting. This can include things like blogs, videos, or social media posts. 


For example, a business selling makeup may have a content marketing campaign that involves making articles or videos about comparing the best beauty products or health effects of different makeup ingredients.

Why Do I Need Content Marketing?

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So why would you waste time on making content that doesn’t even have a direct connection to your business?

Well, even though it sounds counterintuitive, it works. 

Over 96% of marketers believe that content marketing has been effective at increasing sales, conversions, or awareness for their brand, and virtually every big business now has some sort of content strategy.

According to Animoto, 73% of consumers report being affected by a brand’s social media presence before making the decision to make a purchase, while Kapost reports that content marketing produces 3 times more leads per dollar than other forms of marketing.

Essentially, content marketing is one of the most important aspects of the modern business’s digital marketing toolkit, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to attract new customers and scale your business.

Content Marketing Works Because People Go Online for Information, Not Ads

So why exactly is content marketing so effective?

Well, try to remember the last time you saw a traditional advertisement. Odds are, even if it was a good product, you didn’t pay much attention to it, because you knew it was trying to sell you something.

Research from Demand Metric shows that roughly 70% of people would rather get information about a product or company from website content like articles, videos, or social media posts than a traditional advertisement.

And with 25.8% of internet surfers using some form of ad block, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that even if you spend money on traditional advertising, your target audience isn’t even seeing it.

People simply don’t go online to view ads — and when they do see one, they get annoyed and dismiss it.

Instead, people usually go online to find solutions for a problem they’re having. Their search intent is to find useful information, tips, and solutions, and they’re usually looking for an article, video, infographic, or post to find it.

Solve People’s Problems to Get More Website Traffic and Customers

Although it may seem like people’s aversion to ads makes it hard to promote your business online, instead, it’s actually the exact opposite.

If you’re able to tap into people’s needs to find solutions online, you can help them and market your business at the same time. 

All you have to do is understand what kind of information your audience is looking for, and then make articles, videos, and other forms of compelling content that addresses their questions and concerns.

Not only does this help you build brand awareness, it also helps you build your reputation as a knowledgeable, expert company. When people see that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll think that your product or services are high-quality, which makes them more likely to buy from you. 

This also makes search engines favor your website. When you utilize quality seo content, search engine algorithms rank your website higher because they know your business will provide searchers with value.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Build a Positive Reputation

When you develop content that gives valuable information to your clients, you build credibility as a trustworthy, knowledgeable business that cares about your customers.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Releasing a consistent stream of valuable content helps to keep your business top-of-mind for your customers. When they rely on you to provide them with information, they’re a lot more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

Build a Better Connection With Your Audience

Content marketing agencies allow you to participate in an active conversation with your audience, which helps them feel more connected to your business.

Become a Subject Matter Expert

When your content is genuinely valuable and knowledgeable, you become seen as an expert in your field. This greatly enhances your overall trustworthiness and reputation, and helps you become a go-to resource over your competitors.

Generate 3x As Many Leads

Content marketing is shown to generate 3x the leads as traditional marketing. This is because it exposes your brand to more qualified prospects and builds trust with them. 

Improve Your SEO Ranking

The more quality content available from your website and brand, the more likely you are to rank higher on Google search results pages. This boosts organic traffic, which increases your exposure to potential customers and builds your business in the long run. 

Boost Audience Retention

When you make good website content, people tend to come back from more. A quality content strategy can help your audience remember and stick with your business, since it helps you provide more value than just your products or services.

Our SEO Strategy for Content Marketing 

1. Keyword optimization

We research relevant keywords that can be used in your website content based on user-intent, volume, and relevancy. Our website copywriting services use professional copywriters to seamlessly incorporate these keywords into your copywriting and website to get more organic traffic.

2. Create Content

We will create content and optimize your website’s existing content so that it brings more value to your audience and increases traffic and conversions. We do SEO copywriting services, social media, and a host of other services that build and optimize your content.

3. Link Building

Link building is essential to getting your content to rank higher on search engines. We build links naturally with manual outreach to sites that have DA15+ to DA50+

Start building your content marketing and see more 3x more leads with a free audit from Sam’s SEO Club.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing involves creating the right balance of different forms of content, which will be dependent on your audience, industry, and business. Digital marketing specialists and content marketing professionals will normally be able to assist you with:

  • Deciding what platforms to use for distributing your content.
  • Deciding what type of content to include, such as visual, written, or video.
  • Creating a calendar for when to release each piece of content for optimal engagement.
  • Building a smart search engine optimization strategy that helps your content appear to relevant audiences.
  • Creating a proper variety of different forms of content to keep your audience engaged.

Essentially, a content marketer will have to plan, create, and share content assets that will attract and convert potential customers into clients and regular buyers. They need to devise a proper promotion strategy that ensures your content uses the right distribution channels to target the right audience.


What Makes a Good Content Marketing Digital Agency?

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A good content marketing agency will have an eye for determining what quality content looks like for your industry. They must have a value-focused mindset and familiarity with their target audience’s pain points. Finally, they must be highly empathetic and thoroughly understand their customer’s needs to put those needs first.

Some more specific things a good content marketing agency will make sure to implement into your digital marketing strategy include:

Using captivating, engaging imagery that is easy to understand.

Knowing how to measure your online influence with key metrics.

Knowing how to analyze topics and find influencers tactfully.

Having consistency in the type of content that's created and the timeline it's released on.

Knowing how to capture, organize, and share notes.

Using a collaborative team with key skill sets such as writing, strategy, and social media management.

Creating funnels.

Incorporating social media platforms.

Writing articles and blog posts or using a copywriting service to do it for them.

Ensure each blog post isn't keyword stuffing and only uses relevant, targeted keywords.


You can begin using content marketing strategies by creating blogs, articles, videos, and social media posts. This will help broaden the reach of your brand awareness and attract more qualified leads.

However, content marketing is most successful when it’s left in the hands of experienced professionals. You can get started with content marketing with us by getting a free audit for Sam’s SEO Club.

While content marketing isn’t necessary to market your business, it has become increasingly important in recent years, and most businesses are advised to do it.

If you don’t use content marketing, you risk falling behind your competitors who use content marketing to build trust and credibility among their audience. 

When your competitors build relationships with an audience of your potential customers, you lose out on leads, conversions, and sales even though your product or service may be better than theirs. Just the fact that a competitor has a persistent online presence filled with valuable and relevant information is enough to convince people that their products or services are superior.

But, when you use content marketing, you can build your credibility so that you seem more knowledgeable than your competitors, which helps you secure sales and grow your business in the long term.

While it’s possible to do content marketing like SEO copywriting by yourself, it’s usually best to let a content marketing agency, copywriting agency, or credible content marketing service do it for you.

This is because there is much more to making quality content than meets the eye, and only a content marketing agency or copywriting agency can address these requirements adequately.

These requirements may include auditing your audience to see what content they need, advanced social media and website management skills, and SEO skills. Overall, it’s usually much more efficient and economical for businesses to outsource this to someone else rather than to try to do it themselves.

Content marketing success is measured by several key metrics, such as clicks, views, conversion rates, and shares or likes.

Beyond that, content marketing is usually assessed holistically by your ROI or return on investment. This measures how much revenue you make per dollar spent on marketing. A good ROI can be anywhere from 100% to 2000%, but the higher it is, the better.