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What is Local SEO?

National SEO, or national search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website and online presence for customers all over the country.

It helps you get seen by potential customers all over the country — which can lead to more sales, conversions, and brand awareness for your business.

National SEO is important for local businesses looking to expand their reach and large enterprises that want to solidify their nationwide presence. Sometimes, a national SEO campaign may extend to international, multi-national, or global audiences.

National SEO is most helpful for e-commerce businesses or businesses that can sell online and aren’t limited to a brick-and-mortar location. It is also beneficial for companies with multiple brick-and-mortar locations.

What's the Difference Between Local and National SEO?

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Local SEO is optimizing your website and online presence for customers in a specific city, state, or region. On the other hand, National SEO tries to find customers from a broader audience.

The main difference between national and local SEO is geographical targeting.

For example, suppose you own a clothing store in Miami that only sells products in person. In that case, you may run a local SEO campaign with a target audience of local customers who live in Miami or within a few dozen miles of Miami. This campaign will aim to make your website appear in SERPs (search engine results pages) of people who live close by and might be interested in your business.

We can reach the local target audience by using keywords specific to a local audience, like “Buy clothes Miami”, or by optimizing proximity indicators or aspects of your online presence that communicate to search engines where your business is located. Your location and contact information on your website and Google Business Profile are proximity indicators.

On the other hand, if this same Miami clothing store chooses to open another location elsewhere or start selling its products online to anyone within the country, we may consider a national SEO campaign to attract fresh leads from other cities.

This will make your website appear in searches done by non-local audiences, which increases your website’s total traffic and visibility to new qualified leads.

I Get My Clients Featured On

What's the Difference Between Local and National SEO?

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Did you know that search engines are the first thing 68% of people open when they go on their computers or phones? How about 81% of people research online before making a purchase, or 53.3% of all website traffic is driven by organic search?

Search engines are the lifeblood of the internet, and if your business isn’t appearing on them, you’re losing out on major opportunities to get more customers and revenue.

But wait — isn’t having a website good enough? Shouldn’t my business come up in relevant search queries automatically?

Well, not necessarily. With so many other websites and businesses competing for your audience’s attention, even if someone searches a keyword that’s directly related to your business (like your business name or flagship product), you still may end up ranking on the second or third page of results.

Statistics from Backlinko show that a whopping 32% of all clicks go to the top result people see, while the top three results get 54.4% of clicks. This is a big deal because the lower your website ranks, the less you have to get clicks. When you get to the second page, your chances of getting clicks can drop as low as 1%.

If you want your website to be seen and generate leads, you must ensure it appears prominently on search engine results pages (SERPs). And the only way to do that is through search engine optimization.

How National SEO Helps You Attract the Right Audience

If your business is just starting to break out of the local market, it can be challenging to figure out how to attract new customers across the country.

Luckily, a correctly done national SEO strategy from a reputable SEO agency can help you gain more organic traffic, leads, and conversions from customers who live across the country.

Because a national SEO strategy considers all the different ways, people in various parts of the country might search for your products or services. It also allows you to target customers actively searching for businesses like yours who may not have heard of your brand yet. 

Businesses can implement National SEO through various techniques to enhance their ranking in Google search results, including proper keyword research, content marketing, competitive analysis, and special techniques like link building. 

More people can easily find your business online, even if they don’t live anywhere close to your headquarters or brick-and-mortar location.

As more people find your business online, your ability to expand to new markets and scale your business more efficiently and permanently than any other marketing campaign increases.

In fact, according to Terakeet, a proper SEO strategy can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% compared to traditional advertising and create a marketing return on investment of 12.2x.

Benefits of a National SEO Campaign

The only difference is that local SEO is focused on getting your site ranked on local SERPs so that your business appears to local qualified leads. A local SEO agency may include extra steps like:

Get a 12.2x ROI On Marketing Spend 

With the right national search engine optimization strategy, you can attract enough new customers and sales to get a 12.2x return on investment.

Attract New Qualified Leads

By targeting specific demographics of relevant audiences across the country, national SEO campaigns can help you attract new qualified leads who turn into paying customers. 

Get an Edge Over Competitors

When you don't optimize your national SEO, you're helping your competitors attract customers that could've gone to you. Get an edge over your competitors by ensuring your business appears in search results on a national level.

Expand Into New Markets

By improving your search engine ranking to new audiences in new geographic locations, national SEO can help you expand your business into untapped markets.

Get Into The Top 10 Results on Google

At Sam's SEO Club, we guarantee that any national campaigns we run for you get you into the top 10 Google results, which significantly increases your chances of getting clicks. Often, we're able to get our clients much higher. 

Build Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is wanted for many reasons: You don't have to pay for it, it means people are genuinely interested in your business, and it increases your search engine rankings. National SEO can help you build organic traffic on a national scale, which can help your business secure conversions and grow for years to come.

Improve Overall Rankings and Domain Authority 

When your business uses the right national SEO strategies, you improve your rankings across national, global, and local results— which means more customers for different audiences.

Become a National Brand

If you're currently operating as a local business, national SEO will help get your business's name out there so you can become one of the top national brands in your country.

How Does National SEO Work?

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Like all other kinds of SEO, National SEO aims to boost your website’s position in search rankings so that you appear to relevant search engine users. We can implement National SEO by manipulating different aspects of your website and digital presence so your business looks more appealing to search engine algorithms.

National SEO works by manipulating these factors so that you appear to different national audiences, as opposed to one local audience.

National SEO Strategies We Use To Boost Your Ranking

Competitor Research

Before we do anything else, the first thing we do to understand what your business needs to get an edge over your competition is to conduct competitor research.

We do a detailed analysis of all your competitors across the country to see what they’re doing right and how you can do those things even better.

The competitor research report includes looking at their site structure, the keywords they’re using, the topics their content covers, and what kind of traffic they’re getting.

Proper Keyword Research and Use

We perform Keyword research to discover what industry-specific words and phrases people may use in their search queries to find businesses like yours.

Your Target Keywords can be found using free tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Trends, or paid tools such as Semrush, AHref, or Screaming.

From there, we decide what keywords would be most effective for boosting your website’s traffic by combining the most searched keywords with what would be the most relevant for your industry, niche, and target audience. We analyze what these keywords would look like on a national and local basis to know precisely which words and phrases to use for the precise geographic area you’re targeting.

To further specialize keywords for a national audience, we add specific localities to keywords to ensure they come up in searches done by the right geographic area. For example, the keyword “shoe store” may turn into “Shoe Store Tennesee” or “Shoe stores in the South”. We put these keywords in strategic parts of your content and meta descriptions to boost your ranking.

Link Building

Link building is the process of creating a network of links that lead from your website to other credible, relevant sites in your industry and vice-versa. Links, especially links from other websites to yours, called “Backlinks”, are significant for improving your search engine ranking.

We help increase your business’s overall authority, trustworthiness, and ranking by establishing backlinks with other websites relevant to the areas you’re targeting. We purposely build links with other websites in different cities and towns to develop your website as a national business.

Optimize Site Structure

Businesses and site owners operating out of different localities may have subtle differences in their site’s overall structure and navigation.

Using relevant competitors who serve a similar audience, we look at how their sites are structured and use those as inspiration to ensure your site looks like the sites your target audience likes.

We can also help you build a network of sub-pages and service pages that reference specific geographic locations you want to target to increase traffic from those locations and show search algorithms that your business is operating nationally.

Other Premium National SEO Benefits We Offer

Improve SEO Rankings with RAB

We utilize automation from RAB Digital to generate an enormous amount of traffic and engagement on your website. Not only does this help you secure sales, but it also helps to boost your ranking. 

Permanently Improved Rankings from Authority Boosting Links

Quality backlinks are one of search engines' top considerations when determining your organic ranking. Using white-hat backlinking methods proven to create success, our national SEO services guarantee that your website will build permanent credibility that can boost your ranking for years to come. My backlinking methods are white-hat and proven. 

No Long-Term Contracts

When you work with Sam's SEO Club, you can cancel your SEO marketing plan anytime. We believe there is no need for long-term contracts unless we cannot deliver results. Since we're constantly successfully boosting our client's ranking, we do not need a long-term contract.


The answer to this question varies depending on the size of your website and how extensive you want your national SEO campaign to be. 

However, in general, our starting prices for full-service national SEO for a small website start at [PRICE] and increase from there.

While some of the positive effects from our national SEO services may be immediately felt, it generally takes anywhere from four months to a year to see the full impact.

When done correctly, an SEO campaign will increase in effectiveness over time, which means the longer you wait, the more conversions, traffic, and sales you’ll see — even if it’s a year or more later.

Web traffic measurements

  • Customer reviews

If you don’t use national SEO or any kind of SEO, you’ll likely see little to no traffic from google and other major search engines. Having no growth in traffic will prevent your business from growing and let your competitors attract customers who could’ve gone to your business.

If you have an effective local SEO campaign, you’ll continue to see traffic from local searchers, but you won’t be able to expand into new markets or capture new audiences. This will seriously inhibit your chances of successfully growing your business. 

Organic traffic growth is the main metric we use to measure success for a national SEO campaign. However, we also track other relevant metrics such as:

  • Conversion Rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Sales Rates
  • Drop-off rates

And several others. We measure these by analyzing your website’s performance in the vital new demographics you’re trying to conquer. If we see problems in any area, we optimize them further until we get the results we need to grow.