How to Skyrocket Your Conversions with OptinMonster

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How to Skyrocket Your Conversions with OptinMonster

Opt-in emails have been regarded as one of the most effective and surefire means of generating potential leads and conversions for email marketing.

A recent surveillance report on email marketing showed that people no longer use emails for social connections alone.

Here’s the fact

61% of online consumers prefer being contacted by brands via email. That’s great news to businesses, especially because 99% of users check their emails more than twice daily.

Let me repeat in caps….


Just think about it.

Some (even you!) sign in to their accounts as much as 20 times every day—not to mention almost everyone owns a smartphone (either Android or iPhone) that can be set to notify the user as soon as a new email hits their inbox.


Even with these statistics, it can still be challenging to get the volume of leads and conversions.

If your online marketing campaigns are falling short of your lead-generation goals, it would be best if you considered using OptinMoster’s MonsterLinks opt-in technology.

It is a two-step feature that you can use to boost your website’s lead-generation capabilities.

With MonsterLinks, you can increase your leads and conversions two folds within a very short period of time.

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What is MonsterLinks?

The MosterLinks opt-in feature lets you leverage the power of email marketing without ever annoying your target audience.

With no coding required, MonsterLinks automatically converts any link or image into a 2-step opt-in process.

Instead of being bombarded with multiple campaign pop-ups, your consumers will get a pop-up asking them to subscribe or purchase.

It comes as an opt-in form, meaning you won’t have to send your users to another page.

The technology ‘nudges’ your consumers to subscribe or buy using a psychology principle known as the Zeigarnik Effect.

Psychologists observed that the human brain recalls unfinished or interrupted tasks much faster than completed tasks.

Yes, you read that right

Therefore, when your consumers click a link, button, or image on your page, they involuntarily initiate a process, and they are likely to complete it by subscribing or making a purchase.


One advantage of MonsterLinks is that it minimizes the rate of drop-offs when consumers have to act – subscribe or purchase. It would help to use the feature on all your targeted pages because each, turning them into automated lead-generation machines.

In addition to that

MosterLinks is compatible with all platforms and will deliver the desired outcomes regardless of your preferred CMS.

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MonsterLinks for Publishers

As a content publisher, MonsterLinks will help you expand your email list by facilitating content upgrades.

Through content upgrades, you offer your readers more relevant and useful information.

Anyone reading the post will be engaged and interested to learn more through related sources.

That’s when MonsterLinks comes into play.

The 2-step opt-in technology increases your website’s conversion rate by offering your consumers useful content before asking them to take action.

This approach is more reader-friendly and increases their likelihood to respond to the pop-up.

Some content have increased their leads and conversions by 20% and 30% with MonsterLinks.

Monster Links for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Let’s face it!

You need leads…


In business, more leads mean more sales and improved profit margins.

Getting leads is easier said than done, and in most cases, many business owners fail to reach their sales and revenue goals.

Small businesses can leverage MonsterLinks in their targeted campaigns to create quality leads.


 When used together with OptinMonster’s Yes/No subscription forms, the technology can turn this 2-step opt-in feature into a robust market segmentation tool.


Would you like to learn more about your customers?

MonsterLinks lets you conduct quick surveys for effective lead analysis. That means you can create more engagement and improve your response rate, whether you want to nurture existing leads or transfer leads to sales.

Most of all

The upside to MosterLinks is that you won’t have to litter every webpage with opt-in forms. Instead, MosterLinks turns all links, images, or buttons into a 2-step campaign that utilizes the content you already have to generate leads.

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MosterLinks for eCommerce

Ecommerce websites can also take advantage of MosterLinks to offer discounts or incentives to their readers in exchange for their email addresses.

For example,

you can create a discount tab or button on a strategic section of the webpage.

That prompts visitors to click on it, and MosterLinks will initiate the 2-step opt-in process.


According to statistics,

virtually 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts or leave their transactions incomplete. OptinMonster’s MonsterLinks can help you follow up on these shoppers through the abandoned cart email strategy.



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