How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights

How To Install Google Analytics In Wordpress By Monsterinsights

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights

Are you a newbie to WordPress and struggling and struggling to install Google Analytics to your WordPress site?

If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore. With MonsterInsights, you can easily connect Google Analytics without any manual coding. Google Analytics is beneficial for your website as it helps you track and report the website traffic by gathering a variety of information such as audience, acquisition, the behavior of visitors and much more.

MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin, available in both paid and free versions. Used by over one million websites, MonsterInsights is the easiest way to add Google Analytics to WordPress. In this article, we will walk you through the entire process step by step:

Step 1: Log in or sign up at Google

First, you have to Log in to your Google account. Open the Google Analytics website and click on – Sign in to Analytics or Start for Free button on the top right corner. Then Log in to your existing Google account.

Google Marketing Platform Setup

Step 2: Google Analytics sign up

After logging in, click the start measuring button on the Google Analytics page. Then, enter the account name for the Google Analytics account and check all the boxes containing various data sharing settings.

Google Analytics sign up

Next, enter your property details and click the Show advanced options button. Then slide the Create a Universal Analytics property option to the right.

After that, enter your website URL and select the Create a Universal Analytics property only option that allows you to use other tracking programs for accurate performance measurement.

Click next and enter your business information. After that, you can select multiple options to specify what you want Google Analytics to do, like measure customer engagement.

Then, click create.

Step 3: Create your Google Analytics account

After successful creation, review and accept the terms and conditions of Google Analytics as required by GDPR and the controller data protection terms and click I Accept.

After the completion of these steps, you will be provided with a tracking ID and code to be entered on your WordPress site.

Step 4: Setting up MonsterInsights

Start by logging in to your MonsterInsights account and downloading the plugin zip file.

After that, navigate to the website where you want to install MonsterInsights, then go to the WordPress admin dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. Then click the upload plugin button.

Choose the zip file to be uploaded by clicking the choose file option and then click install now. After its installation, click the Activate Plugin option, then the plugin setup wizard will help you finish the setup.

A window with the message – welcome to MonsterInsights will appear. You can choose the category of your website from the available options.

Connect the MonsterInsights plugin to your site by filling in your license key mentioned in your email receipt. After the account verification, click the connect MonsterInsights option.

Step 5: Connect your Google Analytics to the MonsterInsights account

Sign in to your Google account and select all the relevant permissions for access by MonsterInsights. Click the allow to continue.

In the final step, you need the select the profile you wish to track. Then click the Complete Connection button. The authentication process will take a few seconds and then MonsterInsights will install Google Analytics to your site.

Step 6: Choose the recommended setting

You will see many setting settings on the screen, some of which are enabled by default. Carefully review and enable all the relevant settings. After its configuration, click on save and continue.

After that, it will recommend some paid add-ons available with the PRO version. These add-ons offer extended features like tracking of form views, submissions and conversions.

Then, a WPForms recommendation opens that is a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin. You can install it by clicking continue and install.

A screen appears with the completion message. The setup process is complete when you click the finish setup and exit button.

Step 7: View your Google Analytics Report

You can view all your WordPress reports by clicking Insights > Reports. It helps you quickly view a summary of the analysis data.

To conclude, by following these simple steps, you can easily set up Google Analytics in WordPress using MonsterInsights.

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