Try These 7 Strategies To Quickly Do Link Building For A Website

try these 7 strategies to quickly do link building for a website

Link building is a pivotal search engine optimization (SEO) pillar helpful in raising SEO ranking by strengthening a brand’s authoritativeness and social media.

Like other SEO strategies, link building is a work in progress, requiring consistent implementation to achieve sustainable results.

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Second, link building in SEO is constantly changing, meaning that besides learning how to build links, SEO specialists must also keep up with prevailing link building techniques and link-building efforts

So, what are the current most effective link-building methods and link schemes, and do they apply to the best link building service in Malaysia? Keep reading to learn the quickest yet most effective website link-building strategies.

What Is Link-Building SEO? 

A good SEO link building campaign or backlinking is a technique that entails obtaining unidirectional hyperlinks that redirect traffic and generate links from other websites to your website. The backlinking concept dates back to the creation of Google’s PageRank algorithm in 1998 and Google’s webmaster guidelines.

The PageRank algorithm redefines search engine rankings by classifying the backlink volume to a webpage as a ranking signal alongside page content.

Backlinks allow web crawlers to discover web pages of site owners and other linkable assets like images and infographics and add them to their relevance ranking index. Therefore, building link facilitates search engine visibility and natural links for a website, generating high-quality organic traffic.

The PageRank algorithm focused on the number of meaningful websites with more backlinks ranked better. However, an updated PageRank algorithm, Google Penguin, programs web crawlers to measure link quality and quantity when evaluating web page relevance.

The Google Penguin algorithm works on the premise that high-quality websites link to more links to authority sites. At the same time, low-quality sites have backlinks from other-low quality sites (the Penguin penalty), and the link-building examples in terms of success for content like blog post and articles are narrow.

Therefore, link building complements content marketing strategies in SEO authority building. Additionally, resources like free SEO website tools offering access to free website SEO audit services can help you generate a SEO link building strategy.

Alternatively, you can acquire the local SEO service from a national SEO agency in Malaysia focusing on white hat link building and other invaluable marketing content strategy services like PPC Malaysia and Google Adwords Malaysia.

Link building Strategies VS Tactics

Besides understanding what link building entails, understanding how to generate link building strategies for relevant links is essential. The different types of link building plan is an overarching approach to backlink creation and encompasses cumulative techniques contributing to sustainable SEO results.

Although it’s common to encounter the words strategy and tactics interchangeably used when referring to backlinking, link building tactics and strategies are two different things. While a link-building strategy is the overarching SEO plan, a link-building tactic refers to a series of actionable steps to implement a strategy. Therefore, constantly working on the tactics makes the strategy sustainable.

Link-building strategies are not “copy and paste” because different websites have different SEO rankings, and some need more help from external backlinks than others. Therefore, digital marketing Malaysia experts recommend conducting an SEO backlink audit before crafting a backlink strategy.


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Top 7 Fast, Easy, And Effective Link Building Strategies For A Website

Various SEO strategies for ethical link building exist and deliver variable results. However, below is a breakdown of the top strategy trusted by SEO authorities, including the best SEO company Malaysia and the leading SEO specialist Malaysia, for sustainable marketing gains.

  1. Outreach

An outreach link-building strategy entails employing efforts to showcase linkable assets to an audience within a specific market niche.

Key players in the digital marketing Malaysia arena agree that content is king and peg their outreach strategy on content as the core linkable asset. A linkable asset’s primary characteristic is that the audience can reference it to the web content they generate on their platforms.

Content-related linkable assets include landing pages with compelling blogs, videos, images, infographics, white papers, guides, and tutorials. However, brands can also leverage non-content related linkable assets like online products, including link building tool and calculators, link magnets (offers for contacts), trends and statistics, and personalities.

When authoritative websites within your niche backlink to the linkable assets, the backlinks tell search engine bots that your website is an authority on the niche subject. Therefore, although you can wait for website authors managing high-authority websites to react positively to your content and generate organic backlinks, you can be proactive and request them for a backlink.

Outreach link building agency entails multiple tactics, including contacting high authority site administrators via email. The link building email outreach contains a clear and concise pitch explaining how the target website stands to benefit by backlinking to linkable assets on your website, including anchor texts for the proposed links.

Another tactic to gain high-value backlinks from relevant websites is posting press releases. News sites, thought leaders, and influencers within niche industries create content and generate backlinks for a brand’s website once the brand issues relevant press releases.

However, the most crucial tactic in the outreach strategy is narrowing down on authoritative websites worth the collaborative partnership.

Narrowing down on authoritative backlinks can help you avoid toxic backlinks from irrelevant and unindexed websites that will harm your SEO ranking. You can use a backlink checker tool to identify your competitors’ most high-quality links. Second, offer the websites’ administrators a reasonable value proposition.

Third, consider customizing the proposal emails and the value propositions to suit each website. Be consistent with the outreach tactics to avoid missing out on viable backlink generation opportunities and maintain a constant traffic flow to your website.

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Broken Link Building

Besides being consistent with your outreach strategy and searching for new high-authority websites, you must keep an eye on your existing backlinks. Existing backlinks can become broken or dead, meaning they fail to direct page visitors to the targeted linkable resources.

Link breaking, death, or rot occurs due to the following causes. First, a change in permalinks, or permanent links identifying a unique linkable asset, will cause a misdirect.

Second, website restructuring causing URL changes also increases changes in website server architecture, causing the server to relocate linkable assets to a new domain name. Server failure can also cause dead links.

Third, failure to renew domain name ownership or transfer the domain name to a third party can damage the backlink profile. Broken links may manifest as dangling pointers (lacking a destination) returning error codes like the infamous “HTTP 404” error or as redirects to pages with irrelevant content or assets.

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According to one study, the half-life of an SEO backlink is, on average, two years, and 30% of generated backlinks break within a year. Unfortunately, a breakdown of the resource page spells doom for SEO rankings on the website with the HTTP 404 error.

Breakage of a natural link alerts search engine bots of possible poor user experience on a website, causing the website to rank lower. For instance, such links have high bounce rates because they redirect users to irrelevant or no resources.

Consequently, visitors spend the least time possible on the misdirected page; faulty links can also cause search engine bots to conclude that your linkable assets are dated.

However, you can leverage building links from relevant sites to generate high-quality backlinks for your website.

First, use the no-follow links checker tool to identify a dead link on authoritative websites within your target market niche. Your competitors’ websites are the best places to start fishing for broken link-building opportunities.

Identify the backlink providers and reach out to them, proposing they redirect the broken link to a similar linkable asset on your website.

You can create a similar linkable asset if one does not already exist on your website. The broken link checker determines how many backlinks referenced the dead resource, so work the broken links with a higher number of backlinks.


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  1. Link Reclamation

Your website loses links constantly. Therefore, although monitoring your competitor’s links for proper link-building and broken link-building opportunities is essential, do not forget to monitor your links. These advanced link-building tips should always be remembered.

Websites lose backlinks when the author linking their webpage to an asset on your website restructures their content and eliminates the reference to your link. Second, website administrators may delete the webpage linking to your linkable assets.

Third, any restructuring on your website can also cause backlinks to your content to disappear. Fourth is page rank decay, whereby the page linking to a linkable asset on your website is no longer indexed on respective search engines.

Although the Google algorithm does not limit the number of backlinks you can create daily, the need for high-quality backlinks slows you down significantly.

Fortunately, other than creating new links, you can reclaim lost links. Reclaiming lost links entails identifying and obtaining improper links and consumes less time and resources than generating new backlinks.

The first step in link reclamation is using a backlink checker tool to identify the number of lost links. Most backlink checker tools also give reasons behind each link loss, guiding you on how to go about reclaiming the links.

For example, if the reason for the link loss is “link removed,” it could mean that the web page author redid their content. Therefore, you can reclaim such links by identifying relevant anchor texts on the fresh content that could link back to an asset on your website and propose the same to the website’s host.

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  1. Leverage Unlinked Brand Mentions

Besides monitoring backlinks, some backlink checker tools also function as listening tools, monitoring brand mentions and can detect unlinked brand mentions.

Unlinked brand mentions are online textual citations of a brand name or other linkable assets associated with the brand, excluding a hyperlink linking back to the resource’s landing page on the brand’s website.

Such non-referenced brand mentions are indicators of a brand’s authoritativeness within a market niche. Second, they also show that the site owner mentioning your brand or referencing your linkable assets is aware of your brand and garner substantial blog comments.

An unlinked or non-referenced brand mention presents an opportunity to leverage your brand’s growing popularity and gain backlink equity to bolster your SEO strategy. Therefore, consider approaching the website’s author and pursue the opportunity to earn a backlink from the mention.

Leveraging unlinked brand mentions could be more straightforward than outreach and earn links strategies because the website author cannot deny your website is an authority in your market niche.

However, not all non-referenced mentions on search engines are worth mentioning. Avoid mentions with negative reviews on a guest post and other sites on websites popular for their black-hat SEO tactics, as these could lower your ranking and indexing.


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  1. Create Linkable Assets

Google’s Penguin algorithm ranks high-quality backlinks higher on the search engine’s index and penalizes low-quality websites, prioritizing attract links and backlink quantity over quality. Therefore, an invaluable link-building strategy is creating linkable assets with a high probability of acquiring backlinks.

Linkable assets on search engines offer unique value to your target audience and are worth citing or referencing; such assets identify pertinent problems and present actionable solutions. Therefore, you should employ the following tactics to create linkable assets.

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Understand Your Audience

understanding your market niche’s audience, especially their frustrations, helps you identify gaps in content creation and tool generation.

Use Ideal Keywords

Researching ideal keywords and anchor texts will likely draw your website backlinks.

Make it Engaging

Third, limit self-promotion and make your linkable assets as engaging as possible while limiting distractions.

Some webmasters, including Google Ads agency Malaysia, utilize paid promotions to push linkable assets.

Paid promotions for linkable assets allow you to target the ideal audience while increasing your reach. Additionally, they will enable you to employ significantly less effort than outreach-related backlink strategies.

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  1. Content Repurposing for link building strategy SEO

Content creation for successful link building is time-consuming, and generating fresh content like a blog post every other day to rank for relevance can lead to a creative block or burnout within a creative team.

Second, the number of digital platforms supporting SEO efforts keeps increasing, and not all links are viable. SEO gurus addressing SEO FAQs posit that posting content across multiple social media platforms inadvertently improves SEO.

Therefore, rather than constantly churning out content, consider creating evergreen content with link-building and links pointing tools that you can repurpose into a linkable asset.

For instance, you can convert infographics from a directional article into a video and upload the video to video-sharing sites. An excellent whitehat link-building service always comes in handy.


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  1. Guest Posting

As earlier stated, thought leaders are invaluable linkable assets due to their authoritativeness and influence in niche industries.

Therefore, consider inviting influencers and other notable thought leaders with an online presence to post agreed-upon content on your website and create a backlink referencing the post.

Alternatively, if you are an individual or a small brand lacking the capacity to engage expensive influencers, you can utilize guest posting as follows. Submit a guest posting application to an authoritative website within your niche and create a backlink to your website after the authoritative website publishes your post.


Backlinking strategies take tremendous time and effort to implement but yield sustainable results. However, not all backlinks work in your favor, so conduct a backlink audit to establish the best quality links matching your backlink strategy.



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